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Dynamic data base - UltraBase

Dynamic data base is a modern and integrated system. It is intentend to support quality managment during performing complex objects like block boilers, pipelines and others. Elaboration of that system came off lack of proper informatic systems supporting non-destructive testing. In the end it efficiently made usage of examination results much lower. Presented UltraBase technology supports concluding about starting repairs and other actions, based on collected data. Basis of that system is UltraBase program. Every received testing results are stored into UltraBase. For each element new record in data base is created. Full uasege of UltraBase capabilities, meaning searching, filtering and reporting provide concluding about repairs, exchanges, proprierty of actions. In assumption presented system is adressed for people whom are interested in increasing of realiability of their products, aprreciating simplicity and intuitional operating, especcialy using ultrasonic examinations but not only.

Data base together with flaw detector CUD provide full automatic and fast transmitting the results of examinations from flaw detector directly to data base UltraBase.


         [pdf]Presentation of dynamic data base (size 1.8MB)

         [pdf]Abstract of "Dynamic data base in welds examination" (size 158kB)