Ultra Main PageConferencesConferences37 KKBN - Sobieszewo 2008 "Welds that can not be
tested by Ultra equipment,
do not exist"
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37 KKBN - Sobieszewo 2008

37 KKBN - Sobieszewo 2008

ULTRA Institute was presenting an article: Instruction of Ultrasonic Testing of Welds according to EN 1712 and EN 1714 standards on 36 KKBN (available for download Publications). Difficult problem of ultrasonic weld examination according to standards was discussed. We were presenting procedure of welds examinations that guarantee full accordance with standards. Weld examinations according to European standards isn't easy and more important that sentence "accordant to standards En 1712 and 1714" doesn't explain anything. To be sure about what we are doing, neccessary is to determine examination conditions, because standards allows different proceedings that are not equivalent.
More informations can be found in mentioned article.