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Test wheelsets procedures

In the case of wheel sets, test procedures are programs that help carry out a study (there is a description step, drawing from the places of application heads and Order indicate - drawing below). Flaw detector is connected to a computer, which supports the test. The operator next step by pressing the test shall be informed that they should attach the head, where it was applied, and the indication should be given. The procedure automatically selects the appropriate test parameters (gain, time base range, location markers, etc.). Any inconsistency detected (defect) is recorded, the operator can also save an image every moment of the study. The test result is stored in the database in terms of satisfying the requirements of the relevant industry standards and can be reproduced at any time.
We have developed a procedure for testing:

  • axle wheelsets,
  • rim wheelsets,
  • non-girdle wreaths
  • feathers spring wagons,
  • linkage hooks.
If there is a need, we can develop a test procedure to the required industry standards.

window procedure for the test wheelset.

window procedure for testing wheels - step description of the action and drawing support.