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Badanie wzmocnień konstrukcji

Test reinforcement t-joint welds and overlay welds

According to the draft provided for the repair and reconstruction of existing structures to strengthen the girders by welding designed elements. Designed to strengthen due to present limitations require the use of specific welded joints, which by definition are with non full penetration. Designed procedure to explore such strengthens allows to test these strengthenings with thru-transmission method. The design and shape of the joints preclude the use of the pulse-echo method. In preparing the test simulations used in the simulation .
Method and efficacy studies were validated (checked) in accordance with PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025. In this case, it was agreed that the estimated sensitivity of the method of research is comparable to the size of defects in the equivalent of 4 mm, ie an artificial standard defect in the co compared ultrasonic.
Necessary adaptive and complex and difficult repair to result in the construction joints, which have the geometry of preventing the application of typical ultrasonic echo testing method. Therefore, the developed test procedure used in the transmission method based on the standard SFS-EN 583-3. The essence of the procedure are comparative studies in which test items are accepted or not by the amplitude of the transition from the detected discontinuities, which are compared with the indication (the amplitude of the transition) at the artificial defect (reference).
Below shows the simulation results for test of reinforcement, which allowed to choose the correct angles heads and their optimal arrangement.

geometric arrangement of heads in a non-optimal for the method of transmission.

geometric arrangement of heads in the optimal method of transmission.