Ultra Main PageExamination instructionsExaminations according to specialized procedures Uchwyty staliwne "Welds that can not be
tested by Ultra equipment,
do not exist"
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Uchwyty staliwne

Uch test procedure handles steel

Aim of this study is:
to detect discrepancies (defects) of elements that do not meet the criterion of acceptance
selection of defective items.
Uch procedure is a typical ultrasonic comparative studies in which test items are accepted or not based on the detected echoes from the discontinuities which are compared with the echo of fake defects (standard).

Equipment for testing:

  • Digital Ultrasonic CUD equipped with: power supply, water wetting system, user
  • head ultrasonic double the normal labels 2x4l0 12
  • patterns for the DAC curves, drawn from elements of the handles
  • access to a computer with Windows XP

Holder consists of two components: frames and retrorse stem which are made as cast Cast. This manual is complete, which means, gives all the requirements and information to carry out research, especially formulates:

  • the exercise of the test and acceptance criteria for welds
  • necessary technical equipment
  • validation of equipment and its parameters
  • research documentation

Photo of retrorse stem - stem pattern. Holes 1, 2, 3 and the implementation of the DAC curve. Op stem test area The test by the base 2.

Photo of frame in the background flaw detector CUD. Holes 1, 2, 3 and the implementation of the DAC curve. Hole with 4 control studies. The area of test of frame Ob ear.