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Thin welds

Examination of thin welds according to the procedure IBUS-TD

Existing standards and recommended techniques and tests of joints are limited , namely, it apply only to weld thicker from 8 mm. The modern version of the IBUS-TD method is consistent with the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025 section 5.4.4. This manual is complete, whithc means gives all the requirements and information for testing and especially formulates:

  • the way of exercising and the scope of tests, acceptance criteria for welds,
  • necessary technical equipment,
  • validation of equipment and its parameters
  • documentation of tests,
  • accompanying standards.

The objective is to detect discrepancies (defects) of welds that do not meet the criterion of acceptance, and their selection. The results of the research and selection, however, can be used in feedback as the process control of production quality.
IBUS-TD method is intended for the back-up welds and flat surfaces peripheral joints of pipes with a thickness of combined elements from 2 - 8 mm.
Testing welds with IBUS-TD method is comparing the indications of defects (deficiencies) actual indications obtained from the standard wells perpendicular plate metal or pipe section. There are made DAC curves to compare the actual non-compliance with the model holes.

Examination of thin welds according to IBUS-TD method. To order it in foreign language click here
Reliability of thin welds [pdf](download, 709 kB)

The movie presents the test method of thin welds: IBUS-TD

Information about the reliability of thin welds are ultrasonic test here .

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